Automatic Double Row Line Meat Siomai machine

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YC-85 Automatic Double Row Siomai Machine is used to make Siomay/Shuami, a kind of  dumpling snack. Blend flour, gluten and water according to a certain formula, then stir the blended material to become flocculent grains, and then put the blended dough into dough hopper of the machine. The next step is to put prepared fillings into the fillings hopper.

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YC-85 Automatic Siomai Forming Machine adopts a unique design, you only need to put the dough and stuffing into dough hopper and filling hopper, and turn on the opening button, the machine starts to produce two row of Siomai at one time with high speed. Magnetic clutch device assures stable performance and simpler operation.

The production process includes: peeling, cutting, filling, molding and pulling out to the conveyor belt. The fillings has many types: meat, vegetables, shrimp and so on.

The thickness of dough wrapper and quantity of filling can be adjusted by the Control Panel.

All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, which is easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble, clean and maintain.

Siomai machine
siomai machine inspection
Siomai Machine
Model YC-85
Capacity 6000PCS/H
Product weight 12g-30g
Wide of shumai wrapper 55/60/65/70mm
Power 3.5KW
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Control PLC
Weight 800KG
Dimension 1350*1200*1700MM

Automatic siomai making machine pictures:

Siomai machine
Siomai machine
SIomai machine
Siomai machine electronic parts
SIomai machine control panel

Automatic siomai making machine Description:

The multifunctional automatic siomai making machine is duplex type, only need put dough and filling into the feeding hopper, all rest automatic operation.

The siomai machine production process incudes: lifting, cutting, filling, moulding and conveyor.

The siomai forming machine is capable of making two rows shumai one time with adjustable high speed.

All parts high quality stainless steel,easy to tear down, clean and maintain.

The siomai maker machine adpots magnetic clutch device, assuring stable performance.

Automatic siomai making machine Features:

1. Full SUS304,consistent with food safety requirements.

2. PLC control panel with touch screen,easy to operate.

3. Erro of weight is less than 3G.

4. The thickness and filling ratio adjustable.

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