Commerical Maamoul Mooncake Making Machine / Moon Cake Maamoul Production Line/Pineapple tarts forming machine

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Automatic mooncake making machine consists of automatic encrusting machine,automatic forming machine,and automatic tray arranging machine.The mooncake machine can make different kind shapes and sizes of mooncake by change moulds.

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Yucheng’s “automatic bao production solution” offers you equipment and consulting service for production. Equipment includes dough and filling making machines, bao forming, steaming, and packaging machines. On top of that, ANKO’s sales engineers can provide professional advice on production line planning, such as factory layout design, different machine combination as well as food recipe adjustment and suggestion, according to your need and industrial scales to build your own bao production line. In the solution below, the machines can be adjusted in model and quantity according to real production needs.




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