New pineapple cake making encrusting machine for sale

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Our encrusting machine can make pineapple cake. Not only that, our machine can also produce a variety of stuffed foods, with high output and 1.5 times the speed of the peers.

We have been immersed in this industry for decades, have rich experience, sell in more than 70 countries at home and abroad, and have a good reputation.

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YC-168 is a multipurpose encrusting machine. YC-168 can form stuffed foods into balls, bars and etc. It is suitable for pastries and bakery foods like, mooncake, pineapple cake, filled cookie, maamoul, etc. Also, YC-168 is useful for making gluten-free foods like, mochi, tang yuan, crystal dumplings, etc. Additionally, optional stainless steel accessories for meat, poultry and fish products are available. YC-168 stainless steel type is a multipurpose encrusting machine for meatball, scotch egg, wellington meatball, kibbeh, Knödel, cheese ball, arancini and etc. Suitable for stuffed fish ball, Coxinha and surimi ball forming, YC-168 can process sticky ingredients.

YC-168 is equipped with control panel and computer system to adjust the speed, weight, size, and the proportion of skin and filling. With 100 sets of product data record, users can apply automatic machines to mass production. The maximum capacity of a 10-120 gram product are 120 pieces per minute. Also, YC-168 can be equipped with double filling device to produce foods with multiple fillings. Or, users can apply a solid filling device to filled salted egg yolks, berries, nuts and other solid ingredients. Another filling device is jam feeder. A Jam filling feeder can be installed to filled custard, jam and other molten and fluid fillings to stuffed foods. The YC-168 multifunctional encrusting machine is a great choice for industrial food production.

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Machine type Production weight Productivity Machine weight Machine size Power Voltage Warranty period
YC-168 10-120g 10-120pcs/min 310kg 167*92*129cm 1.5kw 220V 50Hz 1 year





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