①, high appearance. The packaging of the product 20 years ago is incomparable to that of now. Today’s consumers are becoming more and more demanding on the quality of products, packaging design, and taste of products. First of all, it is required to have the fragrance of mochi after opening, the entrance is soft, the business structure is reasonable, and the production index is controlled very strictly. Only by pursuing lean production, craftsmanship, and achieving the ultimate product, can there be a broader market space.

•②, high product-price ratio. Not only can the quality not be lowered, but the requirements are getting higher and higher, but it does not mean that the high quality and high price are the same or lower than competing products.

•③, trial and error-fast trial and error-low cost and fast trial and error. Not all new products will be successful, and the taste, packaging design, and marketing concept do not meet the needs of consumers. It is necessary to focus on data analysis and consumer demand insights in depth and detail. What consumers want, they work hard in this direction. Only by meeting demand can the value of the product be reflected and consumers can be satisfied.

•④. The brand promotes the promotion. Driven by brand, and driven by culture in management, we strive to build a community with a shared future with our suppliers.

• ⑤. The brand management concept is closely focused on the three major elements of diversification, good food and good value, and value for money. Product experience, pursuing natural ingredients, with little or no addition, to meet the health needs of different groups of people.

Post time: Apr-25-2021