YC-168 Automatic Cheese Filled Croquette Encrusting Machine

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A small often rounded mass consisting usually of minced meat, fish, or vegetable coated with egg and bread crumbs and deep-fried.

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YC-168 Automatic Cheese Filled Croquette Encrusting Machine is for filled croquette  production, capacity is at 10-90pcs/min, and it can produce meat filling croquette and cheese filling croquette.

1. Automatic industrial croquettes machine production line
2. Good service factory price shop use croquettes machine
3. Commerical croquettes making encrusting machine

Machine features:
1. Picks and guide rings are vulnerable parts. Our counterparts use ordinary stainless steel. Our mold steel is the material used to build aircraft. It is resistant to wear and has a long service life.
2. The cutter is a swing mode, the running contact part between the blades is a line, each cutter has an independent adjustable spring fixing screw, reducing friction makes the cutter more durable, solving the accumulation problem caused by continuous feeding, and the product size problem.
3. The mixing structure is the biggest highlight of the machine that distinguishes the equipment in the market. It can change the smoothness, toughness, and production of rotating products such as: two-color twist, spiral fruit.

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Automatic croquette making machine has compact design which makes it easy for operation, installation,

maintenance and sanitation. The potato croquette making machine has safety covers and Emergency Stop switch for safety. On the rice croquette maker machine, The product Weight, size and casing-filling-ratio could be adjusted as request easily.
the croquette forming machine is multifunctional to make many kinds of stuffed food, like:

Ladoo/laddu,Tambun-Biscuit, Piroshki, churros, Kubba/kibbeh/kebbeh/kebbe, coxinha, falafel, croquetas, arancini, Fried Arancini, Meat pia, Nastar, Falafel, Filled Quenelle, Gulab jamun,Tulumba, Bunuelos, Arepa, Knodel, Kachodi, etc.

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