YC-168 Automatic Filled Churros Encrusting Machine

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A churros is Spain’s answer to the donut, a crunchy, deep-fried sweet snack that resembles the horns of the churro sheep. They are popular not only in Spain, where they are often served at breakfast, but also in Mexico, and several other Latin American countries. North Americans are not strangers to churros, which are often found in amusement parks and at county fairs.

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YC-168 Automatic Filled Churros Encrusting Machine

1. High quality churros making forming encrusting machine
2. Service approved churros maker encrusting machine
3. Automatic churros Making Encrusting Machine for Sale

Machine features:
1. There is a baffle under the conveyor belt of the machine. If the customer's product is sticky, it will stick to the belt. The baffle can scrape off the product on the belt, so that the conveyor belt is always clean and will not affect Transportation of subsequent products.
2. PLC can memorize more than 100 kinds of food formulas, it is convenient to switch, and the produced products can be called by one key. There is no need to manually debug for a long time each time. If different food products are produced, this will increase the efficiency of production.

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Churros can be seen everywhere, capturing a big part of food market. This ype of food is very popular. Because of its great taste, easyily purchase and rich taste, people like eatig it in daily life.

Using our churros making machine, you can make perfect churros for your restraurant. Just as churros won the preference of people all over the world, our churros making machine is also warmly welcomed by the food market.

As our churros making machine is a multifunctional equipment, except the arepa, which can also make many other food. If your shop sell multiple kinds of food, our arepa making machine can do meet your needs!

Churros machine
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How can I visit your factory?
We are located in Shanghai, close to Pudong and Hongqiao International Airport, with convenient transportation. If you come to visit our factory, we will have someone to pick you up and be accompanied by someone during the whole tour. We will also arrange a test machine for the food you want to produce, so that you can see the process of your food production more intuitively.

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