YC-168 Popular Pineapple Cake Encrusting Machine

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YC-168 Automatic Pineapple Cake Encrusting Machine is easy to operate, with intelligent control and high performance. What’s more, this Tamales Machine can make other kinds of different sizes and shapes food, including sticky or juicy food, including Arancini、Cookie、Mochi、Maamoul、Mooncake、Ball、Croquette and so on.


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YC-168 Automatic Pineapple Cake Encrusting Machine


20~120 pcs/min

Product weight





1.5 kw


167*92*129 CM

Machine weight



Features (Pineapple Cake Encrusting Machine)

1、High speed: 120 pcs/min, 1.5 times faster than similar machines.

2、Small error:each product within 1g, and we have improvements every year.

3、Quality ranges first. Our machines are all with superior quality and reasonable price, qualified by CE & ISO9001.

4、8 cutting points,the cutting product can be automatically position and slitting according to the pre-entered parameters.

5、Multifunctional & available for making various of food. It can produce sticky greasy products like the mochi or thin skin juicy products like the fish ball.

6、Memory the recipe, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.


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