YC-170-2 Automatic Encrusting Machine Nuts Pistachio Maamoul Machine

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Maamoul professional making machine, can pack jujube paste, nuts and other fillings, can customize different shapes of molds, PLC control panel, easy to operate.

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    Maamoul machine(moon cake machine)consists of automatic encrusting machine, automatic stamping machine, and automatic tray arranging machine.

    The maamoul making machine can produce different kinds of stuffing products, such as stuffing mooncakes, stuffing maamoul, stuffing cakes, stuffing cookies, crystal cake, cake with meshed Chinese date, crisp cake with pineapple, steamed dumpling with meshed pea, sticky rice ball meat ball and so on. The mamoul machine is a multi-functional machine which can do bar shape, round shape, continuous-bar shape, triangle shape and so on.

    1. Automatic encrusting machine:High speed. Up to 99pcs/min, 1.5 times than the similar machine.

    Multifunctional, available for making any products, including sticky products like the mochi or thin skin.

    2. Automatic stamping machine:mooncake or maamoul molding,by changing different molds can make different designs.Connecting with Encrusting Machine for moulding maamoul with beautiful patterns. The mould could be customized.

    3. Automatic tray arranging machine: products could be arranged into the tray automatically.

    Model YC-168
    Capacity 60-99pcs/min
    Power: 4.7kw
    Voltage 220v/50hz
    Dimension 4500*1180*1450mm
    Weight 780KG

    Machine features:
    304 stainless steel material, consistent with the International food safety standards. PLC intelligent control system with a colorful touch screen, Japanese Panasonic's frequency convertor. Big motors, two hoppers, high size machine, high capacity.
    Easy and convenient, provincial people, energy saving, high degree of automation, improve production efficiency. Skin filling ratio, finished product size, production speed can meet the needs of different parts of the Maamoul production.

    Besides, as the most equipment of maamoul making machine, the automatic encrusting machine can coordinate with date cookie cutting machine to make date cookies and fruit bars, can also coordinate with protein ball rolling machine to make protein balls, date balls and energy balls. If customer want to coat the maamoul with chocolate, our small chocolate enrobing machine will be the best choice.

    Maamoul machine

    What is maamoul?
    Maamoul (or called mamoul or mamool) is a dates or nuts filled cookie based on semolina flour as the dough material in Middle Eastern countries. Maamoul is usually eaten in the Easter holiday, but now maamoul can be easily found well packed in the supermarket or in a food shop.

    What is mooncake?
    Mooncake is the festive food of the Mid-Autumn Festival which was originally offered to worship the moon god. Mooncake is made based on flour as the dough, and nuts, fruits or meat as the stuffing. Since its development, eating mooncake and admiring the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival have become a must-have custom for the Mid-Autumn Festival in various parts of the north and south of China. Moon cake symbolizes reunion, and people regard it as a festive food, and use it to offer sacrifices to relatives and friends.

    What is the difference between maamoul and mooncake?
    Maamoul and mooncake are made with similar materials, and they are all eaten for holidays as a local custom culture.

    Are maamoul making machine and mooncake making machine same machine?
    Maamoul making machine and mooncake making machine are the same machine, because they share similar flour and filling materials. The only difference between the maamoul machine and mooncake machine is that they have different patterns and shapes, so the maamoul mould and mooncake mould are different.

    What kind maamoul machine do you have?
    For the maamoul machine, normally there is only one kind which consists of Automatic encrusting machine, Automatic stamping machine, Automatic tray arranging machine. These three machines make it a complete maamoul production line. Customer can also choose our food mixer and flow wrapping machine for his maamoul.

    What is the automatic maamoul machine capacity? Can you make it faster like 100 pieces maamoul per minute?
    The automatic maamoul machine capacity is 0-85pcs/min. Our maamoul machine can not make 100 pcs maamoul per minute, normally we only run the maamoul machine 85pcs/min for machine protection and product quality control.

    If customer need a higher speed maamoul production, customer need to order more than one maamoul machine, this is the only choice currently.

    Do you have a smaller machine de maamoul?
    If customer need a smaller machine de maamoul, we have a lab type small maamoul machine, this small maamoul machine is developed basing on our Encrusting Machine by adding a customized small maamoul stamping machine. The maamoul stamper shape and pattern can be customized. The mini maamoul machine speed is slower than the standard maamoul making machine, the mini maamoul making machine speed is 10-60pcs/min.

    What is the advantage and disadvantage of this small maamoul machine?
    The advantage of the small machine pour maamoul is that It is small size, automatic working and easy operation. It is far better than making maamoul by hand.

    The disadvantage of the small machine pour maamoul is that It is designed for lab use which makes it not stable in operation, sometimes the maamoul stamped is not perfect shape, so it is not ideal for mass production. We suggest customer to take our standard maamoul production line for a long time consideration.

    Can the three maamoul machines work separately?
    The three machines for maamoul can work separately, they are separate control by touch screen, you can stop each one of them, this will not affect other two machine working.

    Can I only buy the automatic encrusting machine?
    Buying the automatic encrusting machine only can not make maamoul unless you form the maamoul by hand or by maamoul tool to press manually. The automatic encrusting machine only form and cut the maamoul dough. We strongly suggest customer to take the maamoul stamping machine together. If customer really has low budget, he can take the automatic tray arranger later in future, he can take the maamouls into baking trays by hand in the beginning.

    What is the smallest and biggest size maamoul the maamoul maker machine make?
    The smallest maamoul we ever made by our maamoul maker machine is diameter 35mm, weight 15g. the biggest maamoul is diameter 74-77mm, weight 180g.

    What else do we need in factory except the maamoul production line?
    For the maamoul production, customer need to prepare an air compressor machine except the maamoul production line. The air compressor is needed for the maamoul stamper machine which is designed pneumatic, not electric.

    What are the main materials for your mamoul machine?
    Our mamoul machine uses stainless steel 304 as the main structure, the spiral screws, rollers, nozzles, stampers are PE materials, the conveyor belts are PU belt, the electronic parts are famous brands.

    What brands does your mamoul making machine use?
    Our mamoul making machine stainless steel and machine parts are made in China, For the electronic parts we mostly use Taiwan brand such as DELTA, For the motor we use Chinese brand which is much more stable than foreign brands, because our Chinese motors work too many years with our machines, all the potential issues caused are solved during the years. This make the motors suit our mamoul making machine well in working.

    what kind of stuffing materials can the mamool making machine do?
    The mamool making machine is available for different kinds of stuffing materials like fruit paste, jam, nuts mixture, even liquid. The mamool machine can not do dry stuffing materials with big granules, it will be difficult for the mamool making machine to extrude.

    So can the maamoul cookie machine make Maamoul Bi Fistok (Pistachio Maamoul)?
    If the pistachio pieces are small granules, the maamoul cookie making machine can do it. If the pistachios pieces are big size, our maamoul cookie machine can not do it. So we need to check customer's maamoul cookies in details.

    Can the Arabian date filled cookie making machine change the date filled cookie shapes? How many shapes do we have with the date filled cookie machine?
    The Arabian date filled cookie making machine can change the date filled cookie shapes by stamping moulds equipped in the maamoul stamping machine. The date filled cookie machine only comes with one stamping mould, if customer need more than one date cookies, he need to buy the extra stamping moulds.

    Can we use our logo on the semolina date cookie making machine and the semolina date cookie mould?
    Yes, we can customize customer's logo on both our semolina date cookie machine and our date cookie mould. If customer has other custom requirements for our date cookie making machine, we can also do it.

    Do you have Arabic language in your date stuffed cookie making machine?
    Yes, we do have Arabic language in the screen of our date stuffed cookie machine, besides, we have English language as well.

    How many dough can we load into the feeding hopper of your middle eastern cookie machine?
    The feeding hopper of our middle eastern cookie making machine can hold about 30KG dough each batch. We can not make the feeding hopper bigger as it is not stable for the machine running.

    Can we load the dough continuously in your Lebanese maamoul cookie machine?
    If customer requires continuous loading for the dough in our Lebanese maamoul cookie making machine, we can customize customer a small lifting conveyor to load the dough to feeding hopper automatically. In this case, customer need to prepare enough dough to guarantee continuous loading.

    Can the stuffed shortbread cookie machine make other products in future?
    The stuffed shortbread cookie making machine can make other products as well, because the major maamoul forming machine is the Automatic Encrusting Machine which is a multifunctional equipment to make different products like cookies, bars, balls, mochi, kubba, etc.
    For more details, please view our Automatic Encrusting Machine.

    How do we make date bar with your Lebanese shortbread making machine?
    The Lebanese shortbread machine is actually a filled date bar machine, For making date bar, customer only need to add a guillotine cutter for date bar. For more machine details, please view our Date Bar Making Machine.

    Can the kahk making machine or eid cookie making machine make date rolls as well?
    The kahk making machine or eid cookie making machine can make date rolls as well. Customer only need to change the nozzle to a round shape and use the same date bar cutter. So the kahk machine or eid cookie machine is also the machine for making date rolls.

    Can the machine for maamoul make date ball?
    If customer wants to make date ball with our machine for maamoul, he just takes away the stamping machine for maamoul, and add an Automatic Date Ball Rolling Machine instead. The date ball rolling machine can roll the dough into a perfect ball shape with different ball sizes.

    Can the Middle Eastern Butter Cookie Making Machine make Ghraybeh?
    Ghraybeh (Graybeh, Ghoraibi, Ghorayeba) is the famous middle eastern butter cookie. Our butter cookie making machine can make Ghraybeh with different shapes and patterns. Ghraybeh will be easier to make than maamoul as Ghraybeh does not require much patterns. Even though our machine for Ghraybeh is the ideal equipment, but the Ghraybeh making machine can not make any shapes, for example, ring shape is still difficult to make, please kindly notice.

    Do you have baking oven for the maamoul production line?
    Except the Lebanese date cookie making machine, we we supply customer the baking oven as well. Normally customer used hot air rotary oven for the date cookie baking. Customer can also choose our 10 trays hot air circulation oven as a commercial usage for lab usage. If customer has more than one maamoul production line, he can consider a tunnel baking oven to achieve fully automatic maamoul production.

    What maamoul packing machine do you have? Can we do fully automatic maamoul packing?
    Maamoul need flow wrapping machine which can pack maamoul with or without plastic trays inside. Normally customer need to take the maamouls to the maamoul packing machine manually, if customer requires fully automatic maamoul packing, we suggest our full automatic maamoul sorting and packing line.

    How many food mixers do we need for the mamul making machine?
    Normally customer need two stand food mixers for the mamul making machine, one food mixer for the dough, one food mixer for the stuffing.

    Can we test your machine de maamoul? How do we test?
    Customer can come to our factory to test the machine del maamoul by bring his materials. Or customer can send us his materials by air, we test here for him.

    For testing your machine pour maamoul, How much materials should I send?
    For testing our machine pour maamoul, we suggest customer to send us 150-20KG materials in total. Please check with express company before sending the materials in case of any trouble.

    Which countries have you sold the maamoul maker machine to?
    The maamoul maker machine is most sold to Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabic, UAE, etc. Our machine maamoul tunisie market has big demands in recent two years. Some of our customers have been using our maamoul maker machines for more than ten years.

    Which countries have you sold the mooncake making machine to?
    Our mooncake machine for sale is currently sold domestic and in the Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Our mooncake machine Malaysia is most needed in Southeast Asia. What customer cares most there in the mooncake machine production is not the mooncake machine cost, but the after-sale service for the mooncake machine. Most customer buy the complete mooncake production line, a few customers there bought used machine for mooncake made in other country and they come to China just buy our mooncake stamping machine or mooncake wrapping machine. As a professional mooncake maker factory, wins more and more customers in the Southeast Asia by our stable machine quality and lifetime after-sale services.

    Does the automatic maamoul machine need installation and commissioning?
    The automatic maamoul machine will be packed separately in a complete unit, There is no need for machine installation, and the maamoul machine is automatic control system, so If customer has experience on machine or has a technician in factory, there is no need for commissioning. If customer has no technician in factory and requires us to send him a technician, we can schedule our technician and arrange. Besides, we have complete maamoul machine operation videos for customer to lean, we can teach customer on line.

    Do you have a local agent in our country or in the Middle East?
    For the maamoul making machine, we do not have any agent yet in the Middle East. We do not have a showroom there either. If customer requires, we can give our customer reference. If you are interested to be our agent, please contact us to negotiate the agency agreement.

    What is your warranty for the maamoul machine?
    We give one year warranty and life time service for our maamoul machine.

    What if your mamoul machine is broken?
    We have spare parts come with the mamoul making machine, customer can replace the damaged parts easily, we are fully responsible for spare parts and services during the warranty. If the mamoul machine breaks out of the warranty, we still keep our services and only charge cost price for damaged parts.

    Do you have any certificates for your maamoul making machine?
    We have CE certificate for our maamoul making machine.

    Can you help the transportation for the maamoul forming machine?
    We can help customer to transport the maamoul forming machine by sea or by air.

    What kind packaging does the maamoul maker have?
    The maamoul maker machine is packed by Free Fumigation wooden box.

    What is your payment term for the mamul making machine?
    Our payment term for the mamul making machine is 30% down payment, 70% paid before shipment.

    How to order the mamool making machine?
    After customer confirms all this requirements, we will officially draw customer a formal proforma invoice with mamool making machine detailed information, trade terms and our bank information. After receiving customer's 30% down payment, we will officially manufacture the mamool machine for customer.

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