YC-170 Wire Cutter Panda Cookies Machine Production Line

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YC-170 Wire cutter panda cookies Machine production line is used for the different shape slice cookies, such as panda cookies, e shape cookie, smile face cookie, 9 square cookies,etc.

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Wire cuuter panda Cookie machine

YC-170 Wire Cutter Panda Cookies Machine Production Line is Professional panda biscuits cookies encrusting machine working with wire cutter device which can make more patterned cookies like panda cookies, Penguin cookies, heart shape cookies, mosaic cookies, slicer cookies and so on. Also you can use this machine to make energy ball, protein balls, date ball, nuts ball, maamoul, kebbeh, coxinha, fruit bar, croquettes, mochi ice cream and various stuffed cookies...

Automatic wire cutter cookies machine can change different skin thickness, length, size of cookies with filling or without filling.The double color cookie machine is PLC intelligent control system with touch screen,storage memory function;Compact design easy for operation,installation,maintenance and sanitation;The product weight,size and casing-filling-ratio could be adjusted as request easily;Multifuncational to produce different kinds of food by changing molds simply;Branded components made in china or imported.

The wire cutter cookies machine is also available to make different kinds of cookies:

double color cookies,mosaic cookies/lattice cookies, pattern cookie, twist cookies, filled cookies,Flatten Filled Cookie,Designed Cookie,Striped Cookie,Marguerite Cookie,Ice Box Cookie,shortbread butter cookie,Galleta,fruit bar,date bar,Fig newton, etc.

This is a multi-functional filling machine, can make biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, frozen cookies and more than 100 kinds of food.To make different cookies, you simply need to change the molds, which can also be customized.

Machine features:
The automatic Encrusting Machine can change different skin thicknesses, lengths, sizes of food. The automatic encrusting machine can also change different molds for making different shaped food products.
The automatic encrusting machine can also make filling / stuffed pastries such as Kubba(kibbeh), Falafel, mooncake, maamoul, pineapple cake, mochi, ice cream mochi, meatball, energy ball, filled cookies, fruit bar, chocolate bar, and so on (different food with different device). The fillings could be jam, chocolate, mochi, ice cream mochi, bean paste, minced meat, paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanut), etc.

The auto encrusting machine can also make the below food: 
pumpkin cakes, sweetheart cakes, soft stuffed cakes, wife cakes, meat pies, tambun-biscuits, rocmia, etc.


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