YC-470 Double Salted Egg Yolk Stuffing Mooncake Machine

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Machine with mixing structure better than normal encrusting machine. It can produce twist products and the skin of the product is more smoother.

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YC-470 Double Egg Yolk Stuffing Mooncake Machine is designed for salted mooncake, scotch egg falafel, daifuku, fruit mochi, etc

YC-470 Double Salted Egg Yolk Stuffing Mooncake Machine
Mooncake machine (10)

What is our Mooncake making machine?
Mooncake making machine consists of automatic encrusting machine, automatic stamping machine, and automatic tray arranging machine.

The Mooncake making machine can produce different kinds of stuffing products,such as stuffing mooncakes, stuffing maamoul, stuffing cakes, stuffing cookies,crystal cake, cake with meshed Chinese date, crisp cake with pineapple, steamed dumpling with meshed pea, sticky rice ball meat ball and so on. The mamoul machine is a multi-functional machine which can do bar shape, round shape, continuous-bar shape, triangle shape and so on.

Mooncake making machine Features:
1. Automatic encrusting machine: High speed. Up to 99pcs/min, 1.5 times than the similar machine.
Multifunctional, available for making any products, including sticky products like the mochi or thin skin.
2. Automatic stamping machine: mooncake or maamoul molding, by changing different molds can make different designs. Connecting with Encrusting Machine for moulding maamoul with beautiful patterns. The mould could be customized.
3. Automatic tray arranging machine: products could be arranged into the tray automatically.

Something you may worried about
I still want to make date bars, can you mooncake making machine make it?
Actually, our mooncake making machine is a filled date bar machine. For making date bar, you only need to take away the stamping machine, and then add a guillotine cutter for date bar. For more machine details, please view our Date Bar Making Machine.
Can we test your Mooncake making machine? How do we test?
We welcome customers come to our factory to test the machine with their own materials. Or customer can send us their materials by air, we test here for him, and when testing, we will take a clear video for him.

What is your After-sale service?
1. Free assembling and installation,free operation and training.
2. 12months quality warranty since the date of installation.Whole life services.
3. During warranty,all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty,all charges with cost price.
4. Support 24hours hot line service, as well as email and video communications.
5. Engineer is always available for customers'machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

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