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Automatic Encrusting Machine is a specialized equipment used in the food industry for automating the process of encrusting food products. It is commonly employed in the production of various filled pastries, cookies, and other food items. The primary function of an encrusting machine is to envelop a filling with a layer of dough or other casing material, creating a uniform and consistently shaped food.

YC-170 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-100g
Power: 2KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1670*920*1750mm
Weight: 310KG

YC-178 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-200g
Power: 2KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1630*950*1290mm
Weight: 300KG

YC-400 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1500g
Power: 4KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1810*1000*1380mm
Weight: 450KG

YC-400D Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1500g
Power: 4KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1810*1000*1990mm
Weight: 470KG

YC-166 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-100g
Power: 2.5KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 2400*1400*1290mm
Weight: 400KG

YC-600 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1500g
Power: 4KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1380*1100*1380mm
Weight: 510KG

Machine Features

The hopper is equipped with a sealing device,so the food product with a large oil content is not easy to leak oil and will not leak.

The cutter has 8 cutting points, the position of the cutter is accurate. The cutter, the conveyor belt and the upward device are always kept in the best position, and will not deviate. (The machine runs for a period of time after the machines of other suppliers are adjusted,will deviate)

The machine's program improvement, using one-button acceleration and deceleration, easy to operate, can memorize 99 different product formulas, the programming language can be customized, English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

The operation of the cutter adopts a swing mode, the contact part between the blades is on the same horizontal line, and each blade has an independently adjustable spring fixing screw, which reduces friction and makes the cutter more durable, which solves the problem of food caused by continuous work. Material accumulation problem and product size problem.

The motor used Shanghai OTT, after we tested for 10,000 hours, to choose a stable, reliable and durable brand. The electrical stability is higher than that of Taiwan Yongkun and Liming brands.

The third filling is an independent control, independent motor and frequency converter, which are activated on the touch screen when in use.

The method of the helix adopts variable-pitch counter-pushing, and the end bearing is 25mm, which is not easy to damage. (The part of other supplier is small and easy to damage)

The mold tube and the inner filling tube are fixed by a diverter to prevent the product stuffing from being out of center. In addition, the mold tube base also has the function of preventing the product from being out of center.

The material of the paddles and guide ring of the rectifier is die steel, which is guaranteed for one year. (The material of other companies is steel, and it is easy to damage, which is a vulnerable part)

The mixing structure is the biggest highlight of our machine. It can change the smoothness and toughness of the outside dough, and can produce rotating products such as: two-color twist, spiral roll.

The liquid filling mold tube device can be added to make liquid jam center filling moon cakes and two-color chocolate cookies. For products with high moisture content stuffing, this product has a control valve device, the filling will not leak after the machine stops working.

Three hoppers can produce double-color skin and single filling products or single skin and double filling products. Now 90% of customers who purchase machines will purchase three hoppers. The products produced in the future can produce various kind of food, and buying three hoppers now will save half the cost of later installation.

Food Applications

Yucheng Automatic Encrusting Machine is designed to handle a variety of foods with different shapes, sizes, and fillings. Like Soft Cookies, Single Color Cookies, Center Filled Cookies, Sable Cookies, Chocolate Chips Cookies, Double Color Cookies, Stripe Cookies, Ice Box Cookies, Sliced Cookies, Rice Cake Cookie, Jam Filling Cookies, Lava Cookies, Fig Cookies, Bar Cookies, Twisted Cookies, Maamoul, Mamoul, Nastar, Pineapple Cookies, Kubba, kubbeh, kibbeh, Mochi Ice Cream, Energy Ball, Protein Ball, Protein Bites, Rum Ball, Tamarind Ball, Energy Bar, Protein Bar, Kleija, Fishball, Fish ball, Meatball, Meat ball, Coxinha, Croquette, Sesame Ball,, Falal, Falafel, Cheese Ball, Cheese Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Tamale, Tulumba, Rice Cake, Meat Patty, Open Top Pizza, Mini pizza, Crystal Mooncake, Crystal Cake, Mooncake, Moon Cake.

















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Moon Cakes

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Fish Balls



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Soft Cookies

More Choices

With decades years development, we have developed various kind of encrusting machine for produce different kind of foods.

YC-240 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-120g
Power: 3.5KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1390*1150*1220mm
Weight: 450KG

YC-460 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-120g
Power: 6KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 2100*1850*1400mm
Weight: 1100KG

Full Automated Encrusting Machine Line

Product Weight: 15-120g
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: customized

YC-868 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1000g
Power: 2KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 3500*920*17500mm
Weight: 600KG

YC-168 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1000g
Power: 1.5KW
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: 1670*920*1290mm
Weight: 270KG

YC-868 Automatic Multi Row Horizontal Encrusting Machine

Product Weight: 10-1000g
Electricity: 220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Dimension: Customized

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With decades years development, we have developed various kind of encrusting machine for produce different kind of foods.


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Shanghai Yucheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in food machinery for over 13 years with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.We have multifunctional Encrusting Machines and production lines which can produce full automatic cookies machine system line, full automatic puff pastry machine system line, full automatic bread machine system line,full automatic spring roll machine system line,fig roll newton cookies machine,soft cookies machine, chocolate cookies machine,soft cookies machine, biscuit machine, mochi ice cream machine,pastry machine,Bread machine, protein ball machine,mooncake machine, maamoul machine, dimsum machine, spring roll machine, steamed bun machine,siopao machine, siomai machine, dumpling machine and many other kinds of food.

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