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YC-460 Shanghai Yucheng Multi Nozzle Encrusting Machine used in the food industry for the production of various types of filled and stuffed foods.

This machine is designed to automate and streamline the process of forming and filling various types of food products, such as cookies, mochi, biscuits, arancini, meatball,etc.
YC-460 Multi Nozzle Encrusting Machine involves the feeding of dough and filling into the machine’s hopper. The dough is then extruded through the nozzles while the filling is simultaneously injected into the center of the dough. The machine then cuts and shapes the dough into the desired shape before depositing the finished product onto the conveyor belt.


YC-460 Multi Row Encrusting Machine YC-460 Multi Row Encrusting Machine YC-460 Multi Row Encrusting Machine



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Shanghai Yucheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in food machinery for over 13 years with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.We have multifunctional Encrusting Machines and production lines which can produce full automatic cookies machine system line, full automatic puff pastry machine system line, full automatic bread machine system line,full automatic spring roll machine system line,fig roll newton cookies machine,soft cookies machine, chocolate cookies machine,soft cookies machine, biscuit machine, mochi ice cream machine,pastry machine,Bread machine, protein ball machine,mooncake machine, maamoul machine,  dimsum machine, spring roll machine, steamed bun machine,siopao machine, siomai machine, dumpling machine and many other kinds of food.




First Floor: manufacture the spare parts and molds



Second Floor: machine storage and machine testing before send to customer.


Third Floor: machine assembly and spare parts warehouse


Machine packing and send to customers


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