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Full Automatic Spring Roll Production Line includes batter beater, transfer pump, spring roll sheet baking, cooling part, stuffing part, water spray part, folding part, rolling part and conveying part. We are the only one Chinese mainland supplier for full automatic spring roll machine.

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Renewable Design for Energy Ball Machine - YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine – Yucheng Detail:

YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine used for meat or vegetarian kubba producing, weight is from 20-100g, and our machine can also producing falafel, arancini, croquette, maamoul, etc.

Machine features:
Fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine  is which we special designed for high capacity business use. It is widely used in large shop or just starting business like bakery shop, hotel, restaurant, food factory and so on.
The encrusting machine is our most hot sale product by oversea customers.Fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine is our desktop type model encrusting filling machine, the Fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine is multifunctional to make different kinds of stuffing food products. Meanwhile, the Fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine is our hot sale machine for the country where people at the kibbeh as their favorite main foods. This kibbeh machine is specially designed and developed for making kibbeh, no matter kibbeh machine for home or kibbeh machine industrial, we can customize the kibbeh balls machine according to customer’s requirement. Our fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine adopts 340 stainless steel, high speed and efficiency. The fully automatic kibbeh encrusting making machine is suitable for restaurants, food factories or homes to use.

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The small kubba machine is multifunctional to make different kinds stuffed and non-stuffed pastries according to customer’s requirements of small size, low output and low cost.

The small kubba making machine is an automatic digital control machine with high configuration, The fried kibbeh machine speed is 30-60pcs per min,except for making kibbeh, the kibbeh making machine can make stuffed pastry, stuffed cake, stuffed pie, filled cookies, Ladoo/laddu,Tambun-Biscuit, Italian rice ball, Piroshki, churros, coxinha, falafel, croquetas/croquette/potato croquette/rice croquette, arancini/fried arancini, meat pia, nastar, filled quenelle/quenelle, rasgulla, gulab jamun, tulumba, bunuelos, arepas, knodel, kachodi, crystal bun, peach bun, sesame ball, taro ball, meat ball, Pork ball, fish ball, beef ball, crystal ball, fish egg ball, colorful fish ball, popato ball, turkish bulgur ball, pumpkin balls, protein ball, date ball, tamarind ball, squid ball, kebab balls, surimi balls, and so on.

Unlike our standard model YC-168 Automatic Encrusting Machine, the small kibbeh machine is specially designed and developed for making kiebbeh, no matter kibbeh machine for home or kibbeh machine industrial, we can customize the kibbeh balls machine according to customer’s requirement.

Besides, we also help customer to adjust their kibbeh recipe a little bit to fit our mini kibbeh machine if their kibbeh is too hard for extrusion or forming.

The kibbeh forming machine is one of our most hot sale equipment worldwide with competitive kibbeh machine price, Customers from all over the world come to buy kibbeh machine, our kibbeh machine turkey, kibbeh machine canada, kibbeh machine australia, kibbeh maschine deutschland, kibbhe machine in dubai, kibbeh machine in usa, and kibbeh maker uk are warmly welcomed by customers there!

As the kibbeh ball maker is our hot selling machine, Yucheng has sufficient inventory for the kibbeh machine for sale, the kibbeh maker machine can be delivered in three days after order, also we can arrange the transportation for the kibbeh mosul machine if customer requires.

For all kubba machine for sale, we give free spare parts, one year warranty and lifetime service, welcome to order our kubba mosul machine!

We are the expert for lebanese kibbeh machine, we have lots of kibbeh forming machine for sale, all brand new machinery, no used kibbeh machine, if you have any interest and need in our stuffed kibbeh machine,please feel free to contact us! You will be totally hand free by using our kibbeh rolling machine, The kibbeh rolls maker will greatly save your time and improve your efficiency!

What is a kibbeh? What is kibbeh made of? How to make kibbeh?
Kibbeh is an Arabic verb meaning which means “forming into a ball”. Kibbeh is also spelled kubba and other spellings like kibbe, kubbeh etc. Kibbeh has different names in different countries. Kibbeh is a family of dishes based on spiced ground beef, onions, bulgar wheat, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. Kibbeh can be deep fried or baked. Kibbeh is a natioanl food in the Middle East countries, also kibbeh can be seen in USA and Europe now.

How to make kibbeh? There are many different recipes, but they are similar, basic steps are below: 1. To prepare the burgul, put the burgul into a mixing bowl sinking it with water, stable about half an hour. 2. Strain water out. 3. Flavour grain with salt, pepper,mint,etc. 4. Cut onion into small pieces and add it into mixture. 5. To prepare the meat, chopping two small onions, mixed with oliver oil, pine nuts, smashed almonds in a frying pan on a stove simmering a few minutes. 6. adding minced meat into the pan, then add the onion, flavour with salt and pepper. 7. Crushing the burgul by hand for perfect consistency, add a few water to mix again. 8. Mix meat with burgul. 9. take a portion to make a ball 10. stuffed the ball with mixture prepared earlier to form a kibbeh.

Kubba is a famous Middle East food, How do you know kubba?
Papa industrial as a professional manufacturer and supplier for food machine, we make stuffed food making machine for over ten years, we have customers from everywhere, sometimes they have requirement to make their local food, so we had customer who need machine for making kubba, that’s how we know kubba, we specially designed the small kubba machine on the basis of our YC-168 model Automatic Encrusting Machine, It is warmly welcomed by customers in Middle East, especially our kubba machine turkey.

I want to invest the kubba mosul machine to make kubba and export, which countries eat kubba most?
Kubba is the famous food for Middle East: Egypt, turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, saudi arabia, Palestine, yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, syria, Bahrain. Also warmly welcomed in Assyria, Armenia, Brazil (Kibe/Quibe), Colombia, Cyprus, USA, Dominican Republic (Kipes /Quipes).

What is the different name of kubba in each country?
In Middle East, it is called kubba, kibbeh, Lebanese Kibbeh, Quipes, quibe, kibbe, Kibe, kibi, kibbie, kobba, kebbe, kubbi, Kebbet Laa’tin or bulgur ball.

In Egypt it is called kobeiba, kubbeh, kebbah, or kubbah; In turkey, it is called içli köfte; in Armenia, it is called Keufteh or ltsonvats kololak, in Cyprus, it is called koupa, plural koupes; in brazil, it is called Kibe or Quibe.

Is there any famous kubba?
There are four famous kubba: Kebbet Batata (Potato Kebbe); Kebbet Laktin with Vegetables

(Pumkin Kebbe); Kebbet Laktin with Jouz (Pumkin kebbe with walnuts); Kebbet Lahme.

Where are your company located? Do you have kibbeh machine made in turkey? Or other countries in Middle East?
Papa Industrial is located in Shanghai,China. We currently manufacturer the kibbeh machine in China, we do not have the kibbeh machine made in turkey, or in any country of Middle East.

What is the capacity for your kubba machine for sale? Does this small kubba making machine suitable for a startup company?
The small kubba machine average speed 60pcs/min, it is our smallest kubba machine for sale, it is table type small size, automatic control and competitive price, It is the ideal equipment for a startup company.

Is the kibbeh machine suitable for home?
The small kibbeh machine is desktop designed and placed on kitchen table, It is both the ideal kibbeh machine for home and kibbeh machine for restaurant.

I currently make the kibbeh by hand, can the kibbeh balls machine make the same taste as by hand?
The kibbeh balls machine is designed to copy the process by hand, especially the shutter is designed to make exactly same kubba shape, also the kibbeh making machine nearly has no affect on kibbeh taste, It controls the kibbeh weight, size and shape, but not taste.

Can I test my materials before i buy kibbeh machine?
Customers are welcomed to come to our factory or sending their materials by air or send a third party for the fried kibbeh machine, please contact us to arrange the process.

What kind stuffing can the kibbeh ball maker do? Can it do meat, granules or cream?
The kibbeh ball maker can do jam, paste, liquid, cream, minced meat and small granules.

Can the lebanese kibbeh machine adjust the dough and stuffing ration?
The lebanese kibbeh machine can adjust the outside dough and inside stuffing ration, the ration is 1:9-10:0.

Can the kibbeh mosul machine make uniform size kibbeh?
The kibbeh mosul machine can make uniform size kibbeh with weight error 1g.

What if I have different sizes of kibbeh? Can your kibbeh maker machine do it?
The kibbeh maker machine can adjust the kibbeh length by switch on panel and change kibbeh thickness by changing nozzles.

Can the mini kibbeh machine do round kibbeh?
The mini kibbeh machine can do round shape kibbeh as well, customer need to change another shutter.

What other shapes can the kibbeh forming machine do?
The kibbeh forming machine can do ball, cone, round strip, side square, terraced, serrate and etc.

Can the stuffed kibbeh machine be higher?
We can customize the bottom moveable trolley higher if customer requires the stuffed kibbeh machine higher.

Can the kibbeh rolling machine do maamoul?
The kibbeh rolling machine can make maamoul by adding a extra maamoul stamper (maamoul stamping machine), the maamoul shape and size can be customized by stamping mould. So the kibbeh making machine is also a maamoul making machine.

Can the kibbeh rolls maker make other food?
Except for making kibbeh and maamoul, the kibbeh rolls maker can also make other food like arancini, coxinha, arepa, cookie, and other stuffed food. So the kibbeh maker is also a arepa maker machine, arancini making machine, or a coxinha making machine.

Do you have formula for your kibbeh forming machine for sale?
For our kibbeh forming machine for sale, we can provide customer formula if they do not have.

If the materials used in your kibbeh maker food grade?
All materials used in our kibbeh maker are food grade, all pats in touch of food are food grade stainless steel 304.

What is the control system of your kibbeh machine industrial?
Our kibbeh machine industrial use frequency converter to adjust the machine by control panel.

Can you change your kebbeh machine control system by PLC and touch screen?
Yes we can change our kebbeh machine control system to PLC with touch screen, it will be more convenient for customer to use.

Can the electronic brands of your kebbeh making machine customized?
Currently we use Taiwan brands electronic parts for our kebbeh making machine, if customer require imported brands like Siemens, we can customize for customer.

What language does your kibbeh maschine use? Can you use our language?
Our current kibbeh maschine has three language: Chinese, English, Arabic. If customer requires other language, we can customize for customer.

What is the voltage and phase of your machine to make kibbeh balls? Can you customize it?
For our current machine to make kibbeh balls, we use 220V, Single phase voltage. We can customized 110v or 380v if customer requires.

Do you have a smaller machine to make kibbeh?
The P110 model small kibbeh machine is our smallest machine to make kibbeh, it is our P110 model small encrusting machine.

Do you have bigger machine to make kubba?
The P110 tabletop encrusting machine is the ideal machine to make kubba, if customer needs bigger capacity, our YC-168 Automatic Encrusting Machine will meet your needs.

Do you also have a desktop encrusting machine for double filling or double color?
Yes, we do have a desktop encrusting machine for double filling or double color products. Please see video below:

Do you have a suitable kubba packing machine?
Yes, we can recommend customer the suitable kubba packing machine, please send us details.

Do you have kubba mixer?
Yes, we have kubba mixer as well, please tell us how many liters you need?

Is the small encrusting machine convenient to clean? How to clean?
The small encrusting machine is easy to clean, just take the hopper section off and clean it with water.

How to operate the encrusting small machine?
The encrusting small machine is automatic control, customer just need to control the switches and buttons on the control panel, we have detailed operation video, please contact us for details.

How to assemble and dismantle the encrusting machine compact?
We have complete assemble and dismantle videos for the encrusting machine compact, please contact us for videos.

Does the kubbeh making machine need installation and commissioning?
The small kubbeh machine will be packed and shipped in complete unit, no need for installation and commissioning.

What is the warranty for the kebbah making machine?
We give one year warranty for our kebbah machine, after the warranty, we still provide lifetime service.

Can you help us to transport the kubbah making machine?
If customer has no shipping agent, we can help arrange to transport the kubbah machine to customer’s nearest sea port.

Can you transport the kibbe making machine by air?
We can transport the kibbe machine by air to customer’s nearest airport, only take a few days to arrive by air.

What is the packaging materials for the quipes making machine?
The quipes machine is filmed and packed by strong exporting wooden box, fumigation free.

Which countries have you exported the quibe making machine to?
The quibe machine was mainly exported to middle east countries, our kibbeh machine turkey, kibbeh machine australia, kibbeh machine canada, kibbeh machine in dubai, kibbeh maschine deutschland, kibbeh machine in usa are sold very well, also our kibbeh maker uk is sold well in recent two years.

Do you have kubba machine kopen or anko kubba machine?
We do not have other brand stuffed kubba machine, so we do not have kibbeh machine kopen or anko kubba machine or bralyx kibbeh machine, we are PAPA brand kibbeh machine.

For the kibe machine, do you have agent in our country?
Papa Industrial currently mainly sells and exports the kibe making machine directly to customer all over the world, we do have a few cooperation agents in some countries, please contact us for the detailed information.

How can I see the kibi machine?
Customers are welcomed to visit our factory in Shanghai, China. Also you can send a third party inspection company. Besides, we are now available to schedule on line video with customers, please contact us to schedule a time, we can demonstrate the kibi making machine on line.

Do you have used kibbeh machine?
We do not have used kibbeh machine, all our kibbeh making machines are brand-new.
Do you have the kibbie making machine in stock?
Yes, we have the kibbie machine in stock, we can send to customer in three days.

If you don’t have the kobba machine in stock, how long do you need to manufacture it? Can you make the time shorter?

To manufacture the kobba making machine normally needs 15 days, if order is urgent, please place the order ASAP, we can try shorter the time as possible as we can.

What is the payment term for the kebbe machine?
For the kebbe making machine, our payment term is 30% down payment, 70% balanced paid before shipping.

Is an installment purchase possible for the kubbi machine?
Our company does not accept installment purchase for the kubbi making machine, sorry for the inconvenience.

How to order the Kebbet Laa’tin machine?
How to buy kibbeh machine? After customer’s confirmation, we will officially draw customer a proforma invoice with trade terms, machine details and bank information, after customer’s 30% down payment, the order is officially valid.

What is the kibbeh machine price?
We have promotions and activities every season, please contact us for the recent kibbeh machine price.

Would it be cheaper if I order more than two kubba making machine?
Yes, price will be more competitive if customer orders more than two kubba machine, besides, customer can save cost on transportation and importing too.

Do you sell the kibbeh machine in amazon or have the kibbeh maker in Ebay?
We are B2B business, we do not sell the kibbeh machine amazon or have the kibbeh maker ebay. We sell the kibbeh making machine on our official company website and other B2B platform. Sorry for the inconvenience. Welcome to contact us to purchase our kibbeh machine!

Can you also make the freezing and frying machines after your mini kubba machine?
We only do the mini kubba machine, we do not do the freezing and frying machines.

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Renewable Design for Energy Ball Machine - YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine – Yucheng detail pictures

Renewable Design for Energy Ball Machine - YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine – Yucheng detail pictures

Renewable Design for Energy Ball Machine - YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine – Yucheng detail pictures

Renewable Design for Energy Ball Machine - YC-168 Automatic Halal Kubba Making Machine – Yucheng detail pictures

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