YC-170 Automatic Crystal Moon Cake Machine

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Two hoppers are made of German UPE material, consistent with the International food safety standards, non-sticky, easy to tear down and install.

The machine also can add to a hopper, which can produce double fillings food, or double colors food with one filling.

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YC-170 Automatic Crystal Moon Cake Machine is multi-functional which can produce different kinds of food like mooncake, cheese stuffed chicken ball, cheese ball, chicken ball, protein ball, maamoul, filled cookies, maamoul, mochi or mochi ice cream, date ball, panda cookies, coxinha, croquettes, kibbeh, double color with chocolate filled cookies, chocolate chip cookies,etc.

Mooncake machine

Shanghai Yucheng machinery has been the expert on the Mooncake making machine, if you have any need in our Mooncake making machine, please feel free to contact us!

Automatic mooncake making machineconsists of automatic encrusting machine, automatic forming machine, and automatic tray arranging machine. The mooncake machine can make different kind shapes and sizes of mooncake by change moulds. The mooncake machine can also make other kind product like maamoul, pineapple cake,etc.

Mooncake making machine features:

1. The automatic encrusting machine can produce different kinds of stuffing products,such as stuffing mooncakes, stuffing cakes,stuffing cookies, crystal cake, cake with meshed Chinese date, crisp cake with pineapple, steamed dumpling with meshed pea, crisp yolk cake, sticky rice ball meat ball and so on. It is a multi-functional machine which can do bar shape, round shape, continuous-bar shape, triangle shape and so on.

This machine adopts human machine interface operation, it has a memory of hundreds of products, so it is easy to handle with according to the displayed pictures, this machine is durable, easy to operate and all the main controlling components are world famous ones, which greatly guarantee the long time and normal operation.

2. The automatic forming machine is used to shape the stuffing products after encrusting by pressing ups and downs through the mould which can be made in different shapes.

3. The automatic tray plate arranging machine is used for automatically placing the formed products into trays in order.It has efficiently saved labor cost and producing cost,and avoid the directly hand touch of products causing potential damages.

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